Our Services

Ophthalmology Services Performed by Dr. Lee Include: 

 Treatment of Cataracts 

Dr. Lee is known throughout San Francisco & Bay Area for his exceptional visual outcomes utilizing the latest techniques. The removal of complex cataracts has become a specialty of Dr. Lee. He performs this treatment frequently with outstanding results.

**Certified to Perform ​Femtosecond Laser-Assisted ​Cataract Surgery** 


Treatment of Ocular Disease

Anterior Segment 

    • Corneal surgery, Pterygium Surgery, & Conjunctival Surgery
    • Anterior Segment Reconstruction (Including Iris Repair)
    • Corneal Erosion Treatment


    • Dr. Lee is Experienced in the Treatment & Management of Glaucoma
    • Laser Treatment for Glaucoma (Including SLT & LPI)
    • Micro-Stent Implantation During Cataract Surgery 

Posterior Segment

    • Dr. Lee is Experienced in the Treatment & Management of Diabetic Eye Disease & Macular Degeneration





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